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Business solutions

Dr. Ludidi has worked with a broad range of professional organisations, hospitals and universities. We offer different solutions for different a variety of services for individuals and businesses. You can schedule a call ahead with Dr Ludidi to discuss acute issues that keep bothering you or to plan your Private+ Coaching intake session.

I can help your organisation with

Vitality programs

Dr Ludidi and his team offer interactive Vitality programs designed to inspire and motivate individuals to get to work with their personal health. If you want more information about how we can help you with our vitality programs, contact us.

Inspirational talks

Dr Ludidi offers tailored Food Talks, Livestreams and webinars for organisations, symposia and conferences.  Pricing on request.


  • Taste

  • Fad Diets

  • Healthy living

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Plant-Based Diets

Critical food revisions

In-company food offerings are often out-dated, or uninteresting in the sense that they are not delicious or nutritious enough. With a background in Nutrition Sciences and as a former Assistant Professor Gastronomy, Dr Ludidi together with your own kitchen staff, can help optimising food offering to make them both “Delicious & Nutritious”.

Private+ Health coaching

Private+ Coaching is available for individuals with a special lifestyle. Apart of athletes, artists and celebrities, Dr Ludidi translates that knowledge to the situation of top-managers and business executives. Schedule your direct call with Dr Ludidi or request more information about our Private+ Coaching via the Dr Ludidi Management.


"Dr Ludidi has a huge expertise in healthy food & nutrition, prevention and is capable of shaping that into very attractive, innovative and consumable formats. Dr has successfully optimised our hospital’s nutrition policy (and more) for which we are more than thankful!"

Prof Dr JH Zwaveling, Chairman Maxima Medical Center  (Eindhoven, Netherlands)


Some of the organisations Dr Ludidi has worked with


Glory Kickboxing

Competing athletes


One Championship

Competing athletes


Qatar Star League

Competing athletes


World Athletics

Competing athletes World Athletics (IAAF)



Compething athletes


Máxima MC

Creative Synergy


Maastricht MC

Professional Guidance


UMC Utrecht

Lasting Impact