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Lifestyle, Diet  & Preparation

Get yourself prepared 

for a healthy and vital Ramadan

Why you want to join this webinar

  • Because you don't know how to get the maximum out of your Ramadan Fasting

  • Because you've felt tired, dehydrated and exhausted or even gained weight during Ramadan

  • Because Ramadan marks a beautiful moment to start with healthy habits

  • And because you could use some extra help and inspiration for that

What you'll learn

  • How you can keep performing at your desired level during the Holy Month: at work, at home or in the gym

  • What causes your symptoms (fatigue, headache, etc) during dry fasting

  • What you've always done wrong: you ate the wrong foods and you kept the wrong rhythm

  • Why you have to start 2 weeks in advance, preparing for the intense fasting

  • Scientific insights to adjust your metabolism in your advantage

  • What to do to become more fit & vital throughout Ramadan

  • How the right eating pattern helps your body and mind during Ramadan

Date: Friday 26 March 2021

Time: 21:00hrs CET
Duration: 30 min.

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a collaboration with

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About Dr Ludidi

Private coach • Bestselling Author • Nutrition Scientist

Dr. Samefko Ludidi (PhD) is a nutrition scientist and bestselling author of the Dr Ludidi Method of Intermittent Fasting.

As a lifestyle coach he works with elite athletes, artists and celebs to help them perform better in what they do. Read more about Dr Ludidi and discover who he has worked with! 

About Hadi Laabi

Fitness Model • Entrepreneur • The Challenge Man

Hadi Laabi (MSc) has been known as “The challenge man” because of the creative and motivational challenges that he's been running. He was born and bred in Sale’, Morocco, but relocated to Dubai, U.A.E. He is the founder of a unique street style drum band known as BRAMEL’Z. Hadi holds a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication from the prestigious H.E.M. Business school and Jean Moulin lll University in Morocco and France, respectively. He is a former kickboxer and current fitness model & influencer and works with Passage Fitness and Nike.

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