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Android & Google devices app malfunction 

Dear users, at the moment there is still a malfunction at Google, which causes some apps to malfunction or even crash. The problem is known to Google as well as to our developer team, we are working on it, but are also dependent on third parties - Google play store in this case.


Also see:



Google has now found out where the problem is, and you can do the following things:

1. Remove the Gurucan app from your phone

2. Go to Google play store, search for "Android System Webview" and update this application

3. Search the Playstore for Google chrome, and update this application as well.

4. Restart your phone

5. Reinstall the Gurucan app.


We have also experienced it on our test devices, after a number of tries it worked. So you may have to perform the steps a number of times before he does it again. However, in the meantime it seems that instability has occurred again.


Temporary alternative solutions:

You can follow the courses anyway.

  1. Until the app works again, you can log in via the mobile browser anyway, and continue the course there:

  2. As an alternative, try to use your (apple) tablet and install the app there


Of course we do everything we can to solve the problems before the official start of the course.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!



Team Ludidi

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