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I offer specialised coaching for people with a demanding lifestyle. A lot of athletes, artists, celebrities and business executives are often on the way and do not always have the right foods available around them. Yet, a food is our fuel and good food is key to optimal performance, focus and recovery, in any branch!

I can help you with

Personalised Nutrition coaching

Lifestyle optimisation when life's hectic

Sports performance

Intermittent fasting


who make sure that the nutrition recommendations that I design for you are not only nutritious, but that they also taste great!

There is a solution for everyone! 



Contact me if you are interested in Private+ Coaching

I work with

a number of chefs

A broad range of professionals have been enjoying Dr. Ludidi's Private+ Coaching.

ranging from superstars to football players to business men and women.

You can schedule your first intake call ahead with me to discuss your case and to see how I can help you!

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Abdulaziz Al Ansari (QAT)

"Working with doctor Ludidi is absolutely amazing, I’m so hungry to achieve my goals! Now, already after 6 weeks working with doc I perform better (no more fatigue), feel different, I feel better, I feel healthier."

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Badr Hari (MOR)

"I'm so happy with the doctor. I just do what he says and if there's a question I just ask doc. It works well. I feel sharp, strong, alert."


Anaso Jobodwana (RSA)

"Doc's enthusiasm about the general well-being of our bodies shines through"


Some of the organisations Dr Ludidi has worked with


Glory Kickboxing

Competing athletes


One Championship

Competing athletes


Qatar Star League

Competing athletes


World Athletics

Competing athletes World Athletics (IAAF)



Compething athletes


Máxima MC

Creative Synergy


Maastricht MC

Professional Guidance


UMC Utrecht

Lasting Impact

PRIVATE+ COACHING: Collaborations
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