What is included?

"Over 80 pages of valuable information. Science-based and tested amongst Islamic elite athletes. This eBook helps you to stay fit and healthy throughout the Ramadan. Never before has Ramadan Fasting been so convenient!"

- dr. Ludidi


Ramadan dry fasting is typically accompanied by discomfort and symptoms like headaches, dizziness and lack of energy. Based on my work and previous experience, I have developed this special Ramadan Preparation Plan to reduce or even eliminate these symptoms. Going through these 3 essential steps will make the difference for you and believe me or not: it is incredibly simple!


The three major Steps of Ramadan preparation 

  • Step 1: Change your water intake

  • Step 2: Change your diet (metabolic priming)

  • Step 3: Change your metabolism


Note: undergoing all the stages is necessary to be optimally prepared for prolonged fasting!



As a health professional, I’ve been working with Islamic cliënts for almost a decade. The reason why I mention this is, of course, because the holy month of Ramadan is what brings you here and it is what brought them to me as well.

“Doc, every year again  I struggle with Ramadan fasting. Can’t you come up with a solution that fits my situation? I just want to go through Ramadan in a healthy way, so that I don’t only work on myself in a spiritual sense, also health-wise. It is just so challenging in these times we live in.” 


“I feel that I am doing something wrong. I mean, it is said that fasting helps you lose weight, but it looks as if I gain weight every year after Ramadan. Last year I even gained during the holy month.”


“My mum, she can cook. But sometimes I just can’t help myself from eating too much of the wrong things. You see, when you feel that you’re a bit depleted from energy, you just crave for those sweets pastries…” 


And so I just showed my dear clients how they could do differently, keeping their cultural values in mind. It has taught me a lot and even contributed to my personal understanding of the power of fasting, a topic that I have been interested in since 2010 or so. Many years later, when I wrote my first science-based book about intermittent fasting, I could not ignore the cultural values of fasting, as fasting is being practiced amongst many peoples across the globe...


Contents include

  • Never before disclosed, unique background information that helped elite sportsmen and celebs to stay fit during Ramadan

  • Schemes and DIY food plans

  • Tips & tricks by Dr. Ludidi

  • Losw weight, stay fit and live a healthy Ramadan with Dr Ludidi's Ramadan Lifestyle Plan

Ramadan Lifestyle Plan E-book [EN]