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dr. Ludidi

Nutrition Expert, Ph.D.


About dr. Ludidi

A Well-Respected Educator

dr. Ludidi is a renowned health expert (M.Sc. nutrition & B.Sc. physical activity), with a Ph.D. degree in gastroenterology. Science to practice, that's what it's all about at dr. Ludidi's. The doc. launched his book about intermittent fasting in spring 2019, which came in as a bestseller in its first week.

dr. Ludidi is also a guest lecturer for several universities and a frequently asked speaker. He coaches top athletes and managers who perform at the highest level. Furthermore, he frequently appears in Dutch t.v. and radio shows.


Overview of Services

A bit of science for everyone

The online coaching program makes dr. Ludidi's expertise available for everyone! During the 4, 8 or 12 weeks online coaching, one of our coaches will guide you to achieve your personal goals.
Plans at different lengths available.

High-end nutrition coaching, as used by top athletes and top-managers, exclusively by dr. Ludidi himself.

Ask for the conditions.

Inspirational session about food, intermittent fasting and/ or longevity, personalised to your company's requirements and given by dr. Ludidi.

Upcoming Events 2020
Delicious & Nutritious Masterclass
Fri, Feb 07
Feb 07, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM GMT+1
PAST EVENT, Wycker Brugstraat 2, 6221 EC Maastricht, Netherlands
Intermittent Fasting (all levels) **NOTE: ticket available due to cancellation - payment at site EUR 249.00 starting at 1000 today**
Delicious & Nutritious - Homecoming MUMC+
Wed, Jan 29
Jan 29, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM GMT+1
PAST EVENT, P. Debyelaan 25, 6229 HX Maastricht, Netherlands
Inspirational guest lecture "Food talks" for medical doctors at Maastricht University Medical Centre+
Fasting and Ramadan Preparation
Sat, Apr 04
Your Computer or mobile device *LIVE*
Apr 04, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Your Computer or mobile device *LIVE*
Seminar - Ramadan edition ***LIVE WEBINAR***

Significant Clients

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Competing athletes
(former) Heavy Weight Champion

Competing athletes
(former) Light Weight Champion

Competing athletes

Competing athletes Gracie Barra School

Medical Care

Maastricht UMC+
Máxima MC
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