Impressive Victory puts former NFC Lightweight Champion Jarno ‘Sunshine’ Errens back in the running

Pictures: @TommieTheFlyer

Bonn, 06-08-2022

Former NFC champion Jarno Errens (Netherlands) put down a wonderful performance after he previously lost his NFC title in April. The victory over Tajikistani Abdullaev put him back in the running as one of the top contenders in the NFC lightweight division.

Dr. Ludidi: "The team started preparing early enough to not only improve his fight game but also work on his overall health. Going through a fight camp puts a toll on the body and mind, especially in the last phase, during the intense weight cuts. It is not uncommon for athletes who compete in weight classes to drop about 10% of their body weight in 24 hours, most of it, being water, which isn’t the healthiest way to lose weight. Water loss affects performance, not only sports-related, but it also affects organ function and makes the athlete much more vulnerable for injury.

Because we started in time and because of the well-calculated approach, we’ve been able to get Jarno ready in the best shape ever, which translated to his performance as well. As I previously mentioned, my goal is to change current paradigms in mma and martial arts in general around the weight-cut culture. I think we’ve repetitively shown that dropping kilos doesn’t have to happen in the last phase only. Jarno contacted me to optimise his nutrition because at this stage of his career, he realised that, only with the right knowledge and tools, he could stay fit 365 days a year. That allows him to make weight easier and keep performing at the highest level, for the years to come”.

Jarno Errens (65.8kg; 13-3-1) is fighting out of Heerlen, representing team Thriving and is currently signed under the German MMA promotion NFC and is one of the top contenders in his weight class division.



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