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About The Dr. Ludidi Method of Fasting 

Eat well, fast responsibly and reclaim your health!

Fasting. It’s a harsh word that sounds pretty serious. But nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Ludidi developed a method with which you can lose weight, live a healthier life and improve your performance in sports, in a very accessible way.

The Dr. Ludidi Method comes in all shapes and sizes and shows that fasting is actually quite easy.
In this book, the doc tells you how our current way of eating came about and why we find it so difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He explains how your body works, how it reacts to food and why you unconsiously make the choices you do.

Using the Dr. Ludidi Method of Intermittent Fasting you will be able to manage your own health - and the great thing is that there are few rules. The doc has also joined forced with a renowned Dutch chef to develop some delicious & nutritious recipes to help you on your fasting journey.

Tens of thousands have already tried it. Now you can too!

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