[EN] Sodium – potassium – salt

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Since I published The Dr. Ludidi Method, there is a lot of contact with my other home country: South Africa. Food is of course a topic that pops up every time I have a conversation with the "other side". At the moment, a physical trip to that side of the world is unfortunately still not possible due to corona virus regulations. But if you're a fan of delicious food and descent portion sizes, you should definitely put Mzantsi on your bucket list. Boy, they can cook! But I have to admit, often with a lot of salt. Perhaps that is exactly the reason why it is so tasteful. What worries me a bit is the ever growing number of people with health problems out there, including high blood pressure, which is actually a phenomenon we see on a global scale.

Salt (processed) might be one of the culprits overseas, as well as here. And it is quite a difficult one because, although salt has been used for centuries as a preservative and for seasoning, it has also been accused form causing a lot of health problems in recent decades: I'm talking about high blood pressure.

High blood pressure: who has it?