[ENG] On a trip to Los Angeles!

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It’s been 10 years since my last visit to LA. This one has been particularly epic, because exactly 10 years ago, I got to meet intermittent fasting for the first time. That was before I went to a scientific Conference in California. This time I went back to "the roots" to learn more about health & lifestyle in general and my team captured it all visually.

I met 2 clients of mine in real life, amongst which celebrity trainer Corey Calliet (trainer of Michael B Jordan and others) and multi-company entrepreneur Joseph Heller.

I talked with a lot of people and had another look at the American way of eating myself . I got reminded about how difficult it is to eat clean when living in the US and clearly see the threat to the European continent as the US sets the tone for what will happen here during the next decade.

I connected with the world of martial arts and visited a number of top boxing and mma gyms, I got to meet King's Gym Mestre Cordeiro, who's Mike Tyson's trainer too. We trained at Defiant MMA, home to world champion Tyron Woodley & Paige Vanzant. We hung out with upcoming UFC talent Uroš Medic and got to watch Corey training with top boxing coach Julian Chua.

Last but not least, I got invited by the Kizh tribe to visit their sacred reserve. In an almost 3 hour meeting, Matthew Teutimez, a biologist of the Kizh nation, showed me around in their world of herbs and natural medicine.

And the beautiful thing was, I got to lear