[ENG] Philips joins forces with Dr Ludidi to launch its own health serie 'The Food Academy'

Updated: Jul 7

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In recent years, Philips Domestic Appliances has grown from a company focused on products to a company focused on people. Realizing a sustainable healthy lifestyle is challenging and through the collaboration with the internationally renowned lifestyle expert Dr Ludidi, Philips Domestic Appliances is taking a new and innovative path to encourage healthier behavior within people’s homes. Under the name 'The Food Academy', Dr. Ludidi coaches subscribers to change their behavior in an entertaining educational way over several episodes. The first episode can be watched on July 1, 2022.

It’s the first time Philips Domestics Appliances has committed itself to an internationally recognized expert on a large scale. Yet it seems a logical step, both Philips Domestic Appliances and Dr. Ludidi come from Dutch soil and are internationally active. As a renowned nutrition expert, Ludidi has been committed to helping people realize a healthy lifestyle for years. Ludidi coached Freek Vonk, Diana Matroos, Badr Hari, celebrity trainer Corey Calliet (USA) and many others. Dr. Ludidi: “Through the Food Academy we try to show that realizing a healthy lifestyle is a process that takes place by trial and error and that is okay. In the end, we are all 'just' human beings with a lot on our minds. It doesn't have to go right all at once, and the process should be a fun one because it requires a lifelong effort”.

With the launch of the series 'The Food Academy', Philips Domestic Appliances anticipates the current on-demand trend of in-app, online edutainment. “We have the ambition to offer people products and services to help them live healthier lives. By developing innovative kitchen appliances and the Philips NutriU-App, we can support consumers on a daily base with the creation and preparation of tasty and healthy meals. We are delighted to collaborate with Dr. Ludidi in the development of the Food Academy. Together we want to support people in their health journey in the most inspiring way; by teaching them healthy (eating) habits.” says Sanne Schoenmakers, Marketing Manager at Philips Domestic Appliances.

Products cannot change human behaviour, but they can contribute to facilitating an intended healthy lifestyle. Through the collaboration with Dr. Ludidi, Philips Domestic Appliances is making the change from a focus on technology and development to a people-oriented focus. Philips Domestic Appliances felt a deeper responsibility to make a substantive contribution to the quality of life on a human level: “We identified a changing sentiment in the way people consume information and we wanted to create a good fit with societal needs. It is precisely because of this that we felt the need to transfer this in a tangible and human way. Dr. Ludidi's personal and educational approach makes you feel like he's talking to you. That personal feeling fits very well with our mission 'Turning houses into homes'.”.

The trailer for the web series launches today. The first episode can be watched July 1, 2022 via: https://philipskitchen.app.link/drludidi.

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