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Physical activity - along with a good diet - is one of the main pillars of healthy living. Daily physical activity activates your body and keeps your metabolism high. Especially for this month, I have selected three exercises that can help you!

1. Horseback stance (Walk) x 30-60 seconds - Your legs are 50% of you body and are responsible for half of your metabolism. Get started with lower body activation

2. Elbow Tricep press x 5-15 reps - A stable core is the foundation for good posture because it connects the lower and upper body. Especially with the modern sedentary lifestyle, this is one not to be missed! An additional advantage: you also train the back of your body with this variant arms!

3. ADVANCED: 1-Arm Push-up x 3-5 Reps - This Exercise not only strengthens your upper body, because of the many muscles involved, it also helps boost your overall metabolism. Of course do it with two hands on the platform if you don't have the strength yet to do it with one arm!

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