Succesful Weight Cut helps World Champion Ilias 'Tweety' Ennahachi to retain the Belt

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Ilias Ennahachi strijdt om de wereldtitel tegen de Thai Superlek Kiatmoo
Picture: ONE Championship


Three-fold world champion Ilias Ennahachi has defended his world titel successfully for the third time. Ennahachi prepared himself under supervision of Dr. Ludidi, who was in charge of his nutrition and weight cut. The "Fight Doc's" science-based method allowed the Champ to stay vital & healthy without any loss of systemic hydration or even power, throughout the full preparation.

Dr Ludidi: "It was on very short notice, but I am more than pleased to add another world-class multiple World Champion to our hall of achievers. My goal for the following years within the Martial Arts scene is, to change the way fighters approach their weight cut. There are still a lot of dangerous things going on out there. And athletes cleverly know how to "sabotage" the situation to get to a desired result, but that's not without risks. This has to change. Offering the right knowledge and tools can help athletes stay fit 365 days a year, which will allow them to make weight easier."

Picture: ONE Championship

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